It's not just about the accent...

Aussie speakers are relatable, authentic and hard-working, it's just in our nature.

Our speakers are world-class thought-leaders with hard-won experience in an extremely competitive industry.

And they love working in the USA. Aussies and Americans share more than a common language. There’s a common bond. We’re both nations of straight-shooting, energetic people who aren’t afraid to tell it how it is.

When you get an Aussie speaker on stage, you know you’ve got someone who’s a perfect cultural match, and who won’t be happy until your clients are.

Just some of the reasons an Aussie speaker is perfect for your next event:

Unique Experiences,
Fresh Perspectives

Give your audience a completely new take on global issues with a masterful Australian speaker who brings a point of view that’s completely unique.

No Recycled Content

Fresh, snappy, business-savvy content that's been successfully tested on the other side of the world.

Billion Dollar Brands

Speakers who've helped shape brands you know and love... like the founder of UGG!

Deliver incredible outcomes

Each of the speakers in the catalog is experienced, credible and knows how to deliver.

Book directly with the speaker

We don't take commission, so prices are competitive and you get to work directly with the speaker to tailor their presentation to your event. There's zero markup on speaker fees for bureaus, agencies or direct bookers.

International Speakers,
Local Travel

Aussie speakers fly out of LAX. No international travel costs.

Per capita, Aussies are known for creating some of the world's most game-changing inventions, including:

WiFi, cochlear implants, ultrasound scanners, pacemakers, refrigerators, cask wine, surf skis, Google maps... and many more.

In other words, Australia has long punched above its weight for inventiveness, business and creativity.

Our speakers do too, and are ready rock your next event and ensure it's one to remember.

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