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Traditional business is dead. We now operate in a virtually borderless world where organisations need to react at light speed, 24 hours a day.

Is it any wonder that the ability to effectively collaborate across organisational silos is now a premium leadership capability?

It’s not just organisations that are evolving, everything is being rewritten; consumer trends, B2B, B2C, technology. From insurance to healthcare, leaders are increasingly required to operate beyond their own organisational unit.

While technology plays an important role, the business structure itself, attitude and culture play a much more important role.

So important is this trend that the Fortune 2017 Change the World List specifically targeted businesses undergoing this kind of transformation, with JPMorgan Chase shown to be investing heavily in collaborative change.

When companies and media as strongly bound to business tradition as JPMorgan Chase and Fortune are advocating for it, the writing’s on the wall; collaboration is not just nice to have, it’s mission critical for surviving today’s enterprise environment.

Collaboration authority Phil Preston has written a succinct and actionable guide to the 7 steps businesses need to take to become a collaborative organisation.

Read it here, then get in touch if you’d like Phil to present at your next conference.


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