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Everyone knows relationships are crucial to almost every business.

People trying to do business in China are often surprised that communicating with their counterparts initially feels similar, but they struggle to develop those critical relationships. That's because there are subtle, yet critical, differences to how business relationships and trust are formed in China.

Depending on which metric you use, China is currently the world's largest economy... and growing fast. There are huge opportunities to be had for those who understand and embrace the cultural differences.

David Thomas has been successfully helping Australian businesses help understand the path to prosperity in China for many years. The video below is part 1 of a 3 part series, and deals with building those important relationships.

David Thomas

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Keynote speaker, thought leader and business futurist, David Thomas inspires, motivates and educates global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors about the massive potential offered by modern China. He takes them on a journey to identify, build and facilitate long-term business and investment relationships and he arms them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cross-cultural challenges.

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