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Adventure Junky Founder & Responsible Tourism Advocate Fuchsia Sims Wins Inaugural $20,000 Aussie Speakers USA Scholarship for her dedication to work that Fuchsia is doing around over-tourism, climate change and empowering business and travellers alike to have a more positive impact.

  • The Aussie Speakers USA Scholarship is intended to help talented up-and-coming Australian voices gain an international speaking presence
  • The convergence of over-tourism and climate change is reaching breaking point unless the travel industry & travellers embrace responsible tourism
  • Fuchsia Sims’ mission is to activate millennials to save our planet from overtourism.

Sydney, NSW – 30/09/2019: Aussie Speakers USA $20,000 awards scholarship to Fuchsia Sims and her visionary quest to prevent the tourism apocalypse.

“With over 4 million travelers crossing international borders every day – a number set to double by 2030 – we have to ask whether our environments and cultures are resilient enough to withstand the stampede.”

When Aussie Speakers USA created the Emerging Speaker Scholarship, our goal was to find not just great up-and-coming speakers but to uncover truly authentic Australian voices who are more than just talking heads, and export their vision to the world.

Fuchsia Sims is a unique blend of adventure junky and academic who lives what she preaches. She’s created the Adventure Junky App - Earth’s sustainable travel game has lived and worked deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, holds a degree in international business and is working towards her PhD… while also speaking to audiences about how they too can positively influence the future of travel.

“Travel must contribute as much to the wellbeing of the people and places we visit, as to our own.”

Fuchsia is the Founder of the new initiative The Adventure Junky Offsetter Program - which empowers travellers to take action and offset their personal carbon emissions so they can become climate positive citizens.

The Aussie Speakers Scholarship will provide mentoring, sales and marketing and support to Fuchsia, as one of Australia’s leading new international voices that will influence an entire generation of travelers and the organisations that support them.

Aussie Speakers is a unique marketing agency that helps Australian keynote speakers market their expertise into international events industries.


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