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This powerful TEDx talk with Ron Lee, the Corporate Ninja, showcases the techniques, attitudes and philosophies that have helped many businesses deal with the challenges of motivation, health and wellness.


Ron's helped businesses globally overcome limiting mindsets, and become more solution-focused. His work with Caroline Buchanan is testament to the effectiveness of his approach, helping this elite athlete win five world championships.

Ron Lee

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Ron Lee, CSP*, "The Corporate Ninja", speaks at conferences and trains Executives up to Chair level globally. The keynotes, consultations and master classes come from Eastern/Western Philosophies, Metaphysics, Martial Arts and the Performing Arts.

He studied at the NIDA, where Cate Blanchett and Mel Gibson trained. For nine years, Ron was a lecturer in Verbal Communication to final year undergraduates at UNSW.

As a dare in 1986, Ron appeared on a television programme, "Star Search", performing stand-up comedy. After doing four shows, Ron started speaking exclusively at corporate events.

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