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Getting audiences fired up is one of the biggest challenges for event planners. With Peter Thurin, you've got a presenter that will make your attendees kick a##... literally!

If you spend the (less than) two minutes it takes to watch Peter Thurin's showreel below, you'll immediately understand why he's a go-to presenter for organisations who want more than a post-conference high. Using martial arts as a metaphor for achieving excellence in life and business, Peter's presentations are a powerful catalyst for business growth. 

And when you want long term change, his skills and expertise are available for mentoring, coaching and workshops.

In other words, he's a speaker who can keep delivering long after the conference is over. Just ask his clients, who include: Mercedes-Benz, BASF, Apple, Starwood Hotels, Lend Lease, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McDonald’s, Schwarzkopf, Toyota and more.

Peter Thurin

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Peter Thurin is an international speaker and leading authority on achieving excellence. As founder of blackbelt in excellence he educates people all over the world and empowers them to achieve excellence in their own lives.

He is a dynamic, inspirational and passionate speaker and a powerful catalyst for business growth. He brings a relentless focus on the choices we must make and the challenges we must embrace to lead us to our passionately desired end result. He has a rare ability to merge his insight, skills and experience with your business context to demonstrate tangible improved business outcomes.

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