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Gary Bertwistle hosts one of the world's most generous radio shows.

It's a wide-ranging podcast about Mojo - what happens when you lose it, how you can work to get it back, and what it's done for the amazing guests on his show.

I say generous, because Gary effortlessly makes it all about his guest, and all about you.

Today I wanted to share one of his recent episodes that I found fascinating, moving and incredibly motivating... 


In this episode, Gary talks to ex US Navy Seal Ray "Cash" Care, who has turned the discipline and mental toughness of his military life into a code for living. He works with emergency services, athletes and professionals of all kinds, teaching his personal credo of "Don't make excuses, make solutions".

Take a few minutes to listen - you won't regret it.


Gary Bertwistle

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Gary Bertwistle is known as Australia’s thought leader in disruptive thinking. He is often called when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

Gary has built a reputation for helping people or companies unlock new ideas when they get stuck. Through his easy to understand, interactive sessions, his keynotes improve performance and help individuals and companies be at their best.


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