Phil Preston

Phil Preston

Phil is an authority on unlocking value through effective collaborations - the new frontier for innovation, strategy and high performance outcomes. He has the rare skill of conveying complex ideas in an entertaining way, and is known for his easy going and highly engaging performance style.

Keeping up with trends and relentless change is hard when you’re being asked to deliver more-with-less in shorter timeframes. Accessing new ideas, skills and resources is the key to staying relevant and getting ahead.

Phil specialises in effective collaboration techniques that uncover amazing business and world-changing opportunities.

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Conferences and events are first and foremost logistical challenges, where sponsors, conference committees, event managers, venue providers, AV teams, caterers, bureaus and speakers, just to name a few, come together in one big collaboration! They all have varying motivations, often speak different industry ‘languages' and have a diverse set of expectations.

So how can you apply collaboration techniques to reduce the risk of things going wrong and, at the same time, upsize the outcomes you achieve?