Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Brian Smith is a passionate innovator and is known as a “serial entrepreneur.”

Brian is best known as the Founder of the UGG Australia Brand, a business that he started with $500 of “borrowed capital.” As CEO for 17 years, he built the brand form a localized surf item into a national comfort casual footwear brand with outreach to Japan, England and parts of Europe.

Growing too large for him to finance, he sold the business to publicly traded Deckers Outdoor Corporation, who have grown the brand to exceed one billion dollars in worldwide revenues for the past six years.

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Aussie Entrepreneur Brian Smith quit being an accountant the day he graduated, instead moving to California for inspiration to launch his own empire. But it wasn't until he realised his fellow Aussie surfers were wearing something that he'd never seen on American feet that inspiration hit...

Brian Smith is the Aussie entrepreneur who brought the UGG boot to the world. But if he'd known what he was getting into, it might never have happened.

In this fascinating video Brian talks about how being an entrepreneur sometimes requires a little bit of ignorance. This video talks specifically about bringing the UGG brand to the U.S., and the unique cultural challenges that could've ended the now-iconic brand before it became a world-wide household name.