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If you could maximize the impact and R.O.I. of your next event, how valuable would that be?

Brilliant events shouldn't be forgotten.

As a marketing & innovation speaker, I have a unique insight that comes from the hundreds of events I've been involved with; I've had access to the inner workings, but in many cases I'm still an objective observer. It's given me the space to analyze where the gaps are, and produce this paper on maximizing impact and ROI at your events.

Say no to forgotten events: download your copy now.

brilliant events shouldn't be forgotten

Nils Vesk

Interested in for your next event?

Around the globe, Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, HP & Pfizer turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils Vesk is an international authority on innovation and the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’. This process enables common people to create uncommon market leading innovation that empowers organisations to forge forward in new markets, whilst driving incredible commercial returns.

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