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For many of us, sales can be a daunting task. Even if we're great at making the pitch, many of us typically falter when it comes time to close. 

Meg Salter puts a different spin on things. Customers want salespeople to help them say yes. If you're not trying to help get your buyer across the line, you're not respecting their time.

This quick, 4 minute video gives us three useful tips to making closing that much easier!

Meg Salter

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eg Salter is one of Australia’s most energetic and influential business speakers and trainers.

She has been providing inspirational presentations and workshops for over fifteen years to more than 70 companies in 13 countries. As the owner of Auridian Training & Consulting and with over 25 years’ experience in sales and service industries in Australia and the UK, Meg is dedicated to bridging the gap between what businesses are doing and what clients expect. With her no excuses approach to behavioural change and a common sense attitude towards skill development, Meg’s unique and entertaining style will encourage even the most jaded to become outstanding business-people and leaders.

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