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Adventure Junky Founder & Responsible Tourism Advocate Fuchsia Sims Wins Inaugural $20,000 Aussie Speakers USA Scholarship for her dedication to work that Fuchsia is doing around over-tourism, climate change and empowering business and travellers alike to have a more positive impact.

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Scott Stein helps organizations boost their impact by hacking growth.

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If you could maximize the impact and R.O.I. of your next event, how valuable would that be?

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Gary Bertwistle hosts one of the world's most generous radio shows.

It's a wide-ranging podcast about Mojo - what happens when you lose it, how you can work to get it back, and what it's done for the amazing guests on his show.

I say generous, because Gary effortlessly makes it all about his guest, and all about you.

Today I wanted to share one of his recent episodes that I found fascinating, moving and incredibly motivating... 

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Conferences and events are first and foremost logistical challenges, where sponsors, conference committees, event managers, venue providers, AV teams, caterers, bureaus and speakers, just to name a few, come together in one big collaboration! They all have varying motivations, often speak different industry ‘languages' and have a diverse set of expectations.

So how can you apply collaboration techniques to reduce the risk of things going wrong and, at the same time, upsize the outcomes you achieve?

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This powerful TEDx talk with Ron Lee, the Corporate Ninja, showcases the techniques, attitudes and philosophies that have helped many businesses deal with the challenges of motivation, health and wellness.

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While setting up an ad-hoc video conference has never been easier, it also means that we don't always look our best at critical moments.

While you might have dressed appropriately, how well have you considered how well you're being represented by the quality of the video itself?

It only takes a few extra moments to be aware of how you're going to appear on video, and to make a few simple adjustments that will show you in the best light.


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When you want someone to give up their time for you, particularly when they're a critical new sales contact, language becomes incredibly important.

Bernadette McClelland is a sales performance thought leader, and in this sales video she outlines the one word that will double your success rate.

It's under 3 minutes and well worth a quick watch!

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90% of people make up their mind about you within 4 minutes. First impressions really do count!

If you'd like to put your best foot forward, here's three simple ideas for how to make a powerful first impression.

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Traditional business is dead. We now operate in a virtually borderless world where organisations need to react at light speed, 24 hours a day.

Is it any wonder that the ability to effectively collaborate across organisational silos is now a premium leadership capability?

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For many of us, sales can be a daunting task. Even if we're great at making the pitch, many of us typically falter when it comes time to close. 

Meg Salter puts a different spin on things. Customers want salespeople to help them say yes. If you're not trying to help get your buyer across the line, you're not respecting their time.

This quick, 4 minute video gives us three useful tips to making closing that much easier!

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Blythe Rowe is on a mission to clean up toxic workplaces. There's few things worse in your working life than hating the environment you spend the majority of your waking hours in. Organisations are increasingly aware that to retain top talent they need to create positive places to be, but it's hard to figure out how to achieve that... and simply firing everyone and starting over isn't the answer.

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Aussie Entrepreneur Brian Smith quit being an accountant the day he graduated, instead moving to California for inspiration to launch his own empire. But it wasn't until he realised his fellow Aussie surfers were wearing something that he'd never seen on American feet that inspiration hit...

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Your image of what a paramedic does is probably similar to ours. "Ambos" (as we Aussies call them) racing to save lives that are in physical peril. And while they do work to save lives from physical trauma and injury, it turns out that vastly more of their work is related to mental health.

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Brian Smith is the Aussie entrepreneur who brought the UGG boot to the world. But if he'd known what he was getting into, it might never have happened.

In this fascinating video Brian talks about how being an entrepreneur sometimes requires a little bit of ignorance. This video talks specifically about bringing the UGG brand to the U.S., and the unique cultural challenges that could've ended the now-iconic brand before it became a world-wide household name.

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Even Westerners have become familiar with the Chinese concept of saving face, but many of us don't realise how important the concepts of respect and heirarchy are in business relationships in China.

In the second part of his three-part series, David Thomas explores the necessary cultural standards that foreigners need to observe to be able to succeed and build business relationships in China.

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