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Mobilising leaders and their people is naturally a 'hot topic' at the present, Scott Stein talks openly about helpful hacks from his book "Leadership Hacks". Scott combines Native American wisdom, corporate experience and a masters in Communication to produce Leadership Hacks which assists leaders to use fast-track strategies to get more things done in less time.

Scott Stein has worked with thousands of leaders around the world helping them to become better leaders by fast-tracking their thinking and their approach with people. Scott is a highly sought after international speaker and mentor who has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses.

In addition, Scott received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the Professional Speakers Association, which recognises him as one of the top speakers across the globe.

Scott is the author of four books, his most recent titled: ‘Leadership Hacks’ that aims to equip leaders with effective and fast track strategies to boost impact and results as a leader. In ‘Leadership Hacks’ Scott identifies possible distractions that could be slowing leaders down and provides an expansive toolkit to help in streamlining delegation skills, fast-tracking productivity and re-routing meetings so that leaders come away with more productive outcomes.

In this ASU Files interview Scott and Elly Johnson chat about what Scott can offer to the conference and events industry.

Scott Stein

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Scott Stein has helped thousands of leaders around the world. As author of Leadership Hacks: Clever Strategies to Boost Your Impact and Results, he is considered the global authority on implementing fast track leadership strategies that get results.

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