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Aussie Speakers USA are proud to present Peter Thurin - International Speaker with Elly Johnson - Truth Maven for The ASU Files. A weekly interview series that takes you back stage so that you can really get to know the amazing keynote speakers ASU is listing.

"Easy to do, easy not to do!" Peter Thurin is one of the world's leading motivational keynote speakers.

When you get a ringside seat, much like I have over the past few decades, working closely with keynote speakers, event planners and executives day in day out, your attention turns away from the flashy sizzle reels, and other moving parts, in search of balanced, congruent individuals with mountains of humility.

Peter Thurin has shown to me, through his actions on and off the stage, that he is congruent, has mountains of humility and, he also has incredibly engaging content!

Basically, Peter Thurin is slam dunk as far as choosing him to speak at your event or conference.

Sure; you want a fantastic speaker 

you want some one who is credible on and off the stage  

you want measurable and noticeable ROI ✅ 

you want someone who cares   and

you want someone who can deliver  

what are you waiting for?

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Peter Thurin

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Peter Thurin is an international speaker and leading authority on achieving excellence. As founder of blackbelt in excellence he educates people all over the world and empowers them to achieve excellence in their own lives.

He is a dynamic, inspirational and passionate speaker and a powerful catalyst for business growth. He brings a relentless focus on the choices we must make and the challenges we must embrace to lead us to our passionately desired end result. He has a rare ability to merge his insight, skills and experience with your business context to demonstrate tangible improved business outcomes.

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