Saturday, 26 September 2020 14:36   |   Read 3425 times

Digital video is the new window shopping, the news sales assistant, the new instruction manual. Customers expect the convenience of video throughout their buying journey. How will you meet this demand?

Elly Johnson talks to Julian Mather who is educating businesses of all sizes on how to harness the power of the collective workforce with digital video.

This is a must watch video for those who are interested leveraging video to boost their bottom line.

Julian Mather states; "We live in a new age of influence. We’re trusting people more and brands less. Becoming an authority in your space gives you a real competitive advantage. In a digital world that means getting on video. What’s stopping you?"

Julian Mather

An army sniper, a globe trotting cameraman and a magician walk into a bar... no joke! Julian Mather has been all three. Now, he en-courage-s audiences. He shows businesses and individuals how to tap into their hidden courage, which leads to greater confidence to solve their own problems.

It’s not just the first hand, sweat from the brow authenticity that audiences relate to, they love his infectious enthusiasm. Julian’s talks are more like one-man-shows brimming with emotionally compelling storytelling, audience pleasing magic and strategy underpinned by science.

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