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Helen Mac is the type of person that you definitely want speaking to your people. Her universal message of optimism is absolutely what everybody needs at this time.

Helen's smarts and skillsets around teaching people to be functionally optimistic, will ultimately impact people's productivity.

If you are looking for an absolute slamdunk, Helen is the speaker you're looking for to speak at your upcoming conference or virtual

Helen Mac

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Many business owners, leaders and managers today are over-stressed and under-resourced, working harder than ever to cope with the additional strains of pandemic times. Good business decisions, driving best possible outcomes, don’t happen by accident.

After more than three decades working with a wide variety of clients, Helen Mac CSP* knows that they have one thing in common – a desire to get better results for themselves & their people.

Using practical application of the principles of functional optimism based on her BA(Psych), delivered in an energetic & dynamic style, Helen shares the keys to optimising outcomes for all the leaders in a business - CEOs & owners, supervisors & team leaders and individual contributors.

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