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Some of Dan Gregory's insights into the current challenges are enlightening and informative. Elly Johnson talks to Dan about who is he, what areas of your business he can help with and much more.

About Dan Gregory

Dan helps leaders and teams explore critical trends in search of opportunities, to identify the meaning behind the data and turn information into actionable strategies. In short, Dan helps you READ and LEAD human behaviour.

Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch” by Meetings & Conventions USA, Dan Gregory is a captivating speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during three years on the road working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits – skills put to great use in front of millions of viewers as a regular on ABC TV’s “Gruen Planet” and Channel 7’s “Masters of Spin”. He is also the co-author of Shift - The trends shaping how we shift products, people and perceptions, Selfish Scared & Stupid - A guide to harnessing human nature and Forever Skills - The 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids.

He has created leadership strategies for global technology firms, designed performance strategies for sales teams and C-Suite executives and driven engagement strategies for organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola, Unilever, the Royal Australian Navy and the UN/UN Women in Asia.

Dan Gregory

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Dan Gregory is obsessed with human behavior: a passion first awakened during his university years as he explored the worlds of psychology, sociology, philosophy and communication. This passion later helped him build globally awarded advertising and consulting businesses as a Strategic Planner, Creative Director and ultimately CEO, served him well as a stand up comedian touring the US, UK, Europe and Australia and as a regular on ABC TV’s top rating Gruen series.

His business acumen and rapier wit are often called on to help an audience or leadership team negotiate a tough conversation whilst simultaneously lifting the energy and optimism in the room.

In short, he helps smart people become people smart!

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