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Elly Johnson interviews Professor Andrew MacLeod as part of the Aussie Speakers USA remodel.

Andrew MacLeod is a global leader in the corporate philanthropic and education sectors, he's a non-executive director or chairman on a number of companies and he has commercial experience in the US Australia and the UK. Andrew ran major humanitarian operations for the United Nations in some of the world's worst conditions and has lived and worked in or visited over 150 countries.

In this ASU File, Andrew talks about gaining new skills and utilizing existing skills to help rebuild the economy, get your business back on on track, and your people back behind their desks either virtually or physically.

Great work Elly and Andrew, enjoy all!

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Andrew MacLeod

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An acclaimed speaker, Professor Andrew MacLeod brings diversity of experiences to your audience. MacLeod has deep understanding of today’s changing geo-politics and what this means for people, businesses and governments. He aims to entertain and have audiences thinking “I never thought of things that way”. 

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